Message from Di!


A message from Di for her Thursday 5 pm and 10 am Saturday students:

Hi everyone – welcome back to Term 2 for a very busy busy busy term.

I’ts feeling exciting now that we are into our final weeks of rehearsal – and all our focus MUST be on dialogue for our scenes and learning the words for our many songs……

AND I need Help once again for costumesWEEK 2 of class…..
We have one last set of costumes to organise – for “The Poor People“ I would be extremely grateful to anyone that can come into class and assist with costumes – in WEEK 2

Thank you to all those parents that have already helped with costumes and I look forward to seeing all the fabulous petticoats and pantaloons as they get sewn…the kids are going to look fabulous. Thank you to Anna Sarre who has already finished the girls hair bows…they look so cute !!!

See you all soon cheers Di x

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