Information and Policies


The Hills Youth Theatre is a Non Profit Community Organisation aiming to provide young people with the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of live theatre.  Theatre is recognised as being one of the more enjoyable and rewarding ways of promoting confidence, self esteem and teamwork in children of all ages.

Karen Sierp (Seniors), Di Mason (Youth & Senior Youth), Haley Horton (Juniors & Junior Youth) are the Hills Youth Theatre tutors. They have a wealth of experience in drama and theatre skills as well as in the teaching of drama.

The aim of classes is to provide a fun approach to dramatic art through practical experience, that is, drama games and other drama skills. Prior to productions, classes concentrate on the skills involved for that production.  Rehearsals are held in either the rehearsal room or on the stage.

The Hills Youth Theatre is managed by a parent committee.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the Committee, please let one of the tutors know and/or attend the Annual General Meeting which is held in March each year.  Your involvement is encouraged.

The productions chosen for performance contain a diversity of theatrical skills, that is, drama, music, song and dance.  The junior classes will not usually be involved in a major production but will present a ‘performance evening’ of their own towards the end of each year.

There are three major productions held each year:

  •  Senior Production:  aimed to involve the Senior Students. (August production Term 3)
  •  Primary Production:   aimed at involving all the Youth, Senior Youth & Junior Youth students.
    (June production Term 2, before school holidays.)
  •  January Holiday Production: Involving all HYT students (except Junior students)

Students who choose not to be involved in productions can still attend weekly drama classes.

The Hills Youth Theatre strives for excellence and, as such, we encourage and expect this in students’ behaviour and performance levels.


This policy was written to demonstrate the strong commitment of the Hills Youth Theatre (HYT) Management Committee, Tutors and Parent Volunteers to child safety and establishing and maintaining a child safe and child friendly environment at HYT
Child Safe Code Of Conduct Policy (PDF)

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