Catastrophic Fire Days policy



HYT has a production in the Month of January at the Stirling Community Theatre and classes in the summer months, this is in the Bush Fire season in the Adelaide Hills. The CFS have implemented a system of warnings, if the situation is particularly dangerous a Catastrophic Alert is raised that is considered the highest level of risk that states that should a bush fire occur it is unlikely that the resources of the CFS will be able to contain a fire. Residents within that region are advised to implement their bush fire response plan and if they are going to leave their homes they are urged to leave early.
HYT is committed to ensuring that this eventuality is considered and plans implemented to manage this risk.

What HYT will do

During the Bush Fire Season Members of the Committee and Tutors will monitor the CFS website and the local radio stations to ensure they are advised on the current fire risk.

If the CFS announce a Catastrophic Fire Danger rating for the Adelaide Hills (Mount Lofty Ranges) for the following day the applicable lessons, rehearsal or performance will be cancelled due to the catastrophic fire danger.

Prior to the start of the bushfire season all parents will be advised by email and/or newsletter that they need to monitor the CFS website or alerts and be aware that should there be a catastrophic fire danger alert that any classes, rehearsals or performances will be cancelled and they need to ensure their child doesn’t attend the Theatre.

When there is a need to actually cancel, the following will occur:

  1. Lessons & Scheduled Rehearsals
    1. A Catastrophic Fire alert will be posted on the HYT Website alerting all that the following day is classified as a catastrophic fire danger day for the Adelaide Hills and that the scheduled activities at the theatre will be cancelled.
    2. The HYT President will advise SCT President that HYT will not be at the Theatre the following day.
    3. The Tutor or a committee member will ensure that a HYT Class Cancelled sign is displayed on the front door and side door of the theatre on the day before. (Note this sign to be removed immediately the alert is lifted.
    4. Parents need to be aware that if there is a catastrophic fire danger on the following day classes will not be held, and if the Fire alert for the following day is also catastrophic then there will be no classes on that and further days while the catastrophic alert is in place.
    5. Rehearsals will be rescheduled if practical to ensure that the rehearsal schedule is maintained.
    6. It is considered inappropriate that any committee members attend the theatre during a catastrophic alert, therefore parents are to be advised that there will be no tutor or committee member on site during the normal times. It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their child isn’t at the theatre on the day that classes are cancelled.
  2. Performance
    1. The HYT President will authorize the cancelling of any performance at the theatre
    2. This policy will be located on the HYT Website and the Try-Booking site will display our cancellation policy.
    3. The tickets will direct patrons to our catastrophic fire policy on our website.
    4. The President of SCT is to be informed that the performance has been cancelled.
    5. The HYT Website coordinator shall post an alert on the HYT web site and the HYT Facebook Site.
    6. The Tutor will inform the assembled children if possible before they leave the Theatre if they are at a performance on the day preceding the catastrophic and confirm that they should not attend the following day.
    7. SCT Committee to be requested to reduce the theatre hire cost to reflect the cancelled show(s).
  3. Ticket / Fee Refund / Policy
    1. Anyone who has booked tickets for the cancelled show will be given the following options:
      1. Offered tickets in a later scheduled performance if seats are available.
      2. Given a full refund minus any booking fees.
    2. Any group booking such as OSH groups may have their own policies regarding bush fire alerts that may include not traveling on days of severe fire danger days, should they cancel their tickets then a refund will not be given but they will be offered alternative performances if available.
    3. Should classes be cancelled due to Catastrophic Fire Danger tutors will be paid for the time that they would have held the classes.
    4. There will be no refund of any class fees for the cancelled lesson.
  4. Bush Fire Preparedness
    In order to advise patrons and members about the HYT Catastrophic Fire Danger Policy the following needs to occur:

    1. The Tickets and the Try-Booking website need to have a clause adding to advise of the Catastrophic Fire Danger Policy, reference to be made to the HYT website.
    2. Catastrophic Fire Danger Policy and other relevant policies to be posted on our website.
    3. Catastrophic Fire Danger Warning post to be prepared to enable rapid posting of the alert.
    4. Laminated signs to be prepared so that they can be fixed to the Theatre doors in the event of a cancellation.
    5. Contact details to be obtained for radio stations that provide community advertising so we can broadcast the cancellation of a show due to catastrophic fire danger.
    6. SCT to arrange for a Bush Fire Readiness inspection by the neighbouring CFS Station Members prior to bush fire season.

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