Trinity Speech & Drama Classes at HYT.


Trinity Speech & Drama is a formal but fun approach to learning key acting and performance skills with options for working as a solo actor, working in pairs with a partner or working as part of a group. A student in a Trinity Class is focusing on preparing for a drama exam which they undertake in October.

HYT Trinity Class of 2014The main emphasis at all times is focused on engaging in the technical skills of acting, singing and movement; learning correct dramatic terminology; and understanding the process of language and speech patterns. Students are able to choose the type of Speech & Drama activity & exam category that they would like to be involved in :

  • Dramatic Monolgue (solo) or Duologue (partner)
  • Group Performance, both scripted and devised
  • Mime
  • Improvisation
  • Speaking from memory, recitation – prose & poetry
  • Performance Arts – singing, dancing & movement,
    And associated performance activities ( e.g. juggling, poetry, puppetry)
  • Storytelling
  • Musical Theatre – Integration of acting, singing, dancing
  • Communication Skills – Auditions & Public Speaking

Weekly Group lessons are available See our Classes page for details.


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