Ticketing Policy


Where can I get tickets?

Tickets to our shows can be purchased from The Matilda Bookshop in Stirling or from the theatre box office before a show.
Prices for tickets are published by the HYT committee during the show rehearsal period in notices to students and publicity materials in print and this website.

Tickets purchased at The Matilda Bookshop may incur a booking fee.

Special Tickets Days

A rehearsal day may be selected by the committee to make tickets available from the theatre without a booking fee.
If this is the case, HYT Tutors will pass on the information via their students.

Complimentary Tickets

A limited number of complimentary vouchers may be distributed by the HYT committee.
These vouchers do not represent a guarantee of a seat to any particular show, but will be exchanged at the box office for a ticket subject to availability.

Cancelled Shows

Shows scheduled on days deemed to be “Catastrophic” fire days for the region will be cancelled for the safety of our students and patrons.
If you have pre-booked tickets for a cancelled show, an exchange ticket in a subsequent performance of the same show may be available. If the final show in a season is cancelled or all other shows are booked out a refund may be available.
Please contact us with the following form in this event to request a refund.

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