Who are we?


Hills Youth Theatre Committee:


The Hills Youth Theatre is managed by a parent committee.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the Committee, please let one of the tutors know and/or attend the Annual General Meeting which is held in March each year.  Your involvement is encouraged.

The members of our committee (2019):


President Sharon Tansell
Treasurer Heather Guy
Secretary Gemma Frame
Class Coordinator Anna Grosser
Publicity Coordinator Zoe Muller
Committee Members Peter Collins, Lyndall Chittleborough, Paola dal Pozzo, Andrew van der Wolff, Tammy Hayward, Jon Eckert, Felicity Eckert, Peter Dandy, Bec Perry


Seniors Hayley Horton
Youth & Senior Youth Di Mason
Junior & Junior Youth Sonja Zodrow

Assistant Tutors

Seniors Yolanda Tree
Youth & Senior Youth Zoe Muller
Junior & Junior Youth Ben Proeve & Rory Miller-Frost

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