HYT Seniors Presents Flapper


Flapper Banner for SCT Website

Book by Tim Kelly,
Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur

Saturday 8th – Sunday 16th August 2015

The Roaring Twenties was such a colourful decade. Meet Polly Pepper, a young flapper who really knows how to live in the time of Stutz Bearcat automobiles, Ziegfield girls, raccoon coats, ukuleles, beauty contests, goldfish swallowers and gangsters.  Polly’s about to turn 18 and will then inherit a fabulous diamond necklace called the ’Ice Garden.’ She’s planning a madcap birthday party and inviting all her pals.

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However, with a friend like Susan Stuyvesant-Fish, she doesn’t need any enemies!  Polly’s new boyfriend, Buck Wayne, wouldn’t miss the birthday bash for anything, but there’s trouble ahead!  Mobsters are planning to grab the necklace.

Meet fabulous characters like Mona of the Crazy Cat Club, Monica Woodsquirrel of Radio Station WWWW atop Hotel Times Square, crime fighter Lieutenant Fluke, mobsters trying to steal the necklace, and ’Flagpole Sitter’ Lenny Knickerbocker.  The songs are sensational, including ’The Roaring Twenties,’ ’It Has to be Jazz,’ ’Mona’s Moaning Low,’ and many more.

Flapper is the ’cat’s meow,’ so what are you waiting for?  “Ev’rybody Charleston” your way over to this sure-fire audience pleaser!

Saturday 8th August 7.00pm – Opening Twilight
Sunday 9th August 2.00pm – Matinee
Friday 14th August 7.00pm – Evening  performance
Saturday 15th August 5.00pm – Twilight performance
Sunday 16th August 2.00pm – Finale Matinee performance

2 thoughts on “HYT Seniors Presents Flapper

  1. Jan Brammy

    Hi. I have read with interest about your forthcoming show ‘Flapper’. Would it be suitable for a 6 year old? Please let me know. Many thanks. Jan

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