James and the Giant Peach

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By Roald Dahl, Adapted by David Wood
Directed by Judy Sampson and Di Mason
24 June – 3 July 2016

SOLD OUT ! : Thank you to all our lovely audience for another sell out season!


The Hills Youth Theatre’s 30th anniversary celebrations continue with their June production, James and the Giant Peach. Co-directed by HYT tutors Judy Sampson and Di Mason, this show promises enormous fun, huge laughs, great puppets, epic magic, and one giant peach.

James and the Giant Peach was selected in a nod to the production that set the seed for the HYT. In 1985, Stirling Community Theatre stalwart Tom Dyster wrote and produced a play in which children were cast for the Stirling Players: The Terribly Noisy Giant. The success of this production generated many requests from children and parents for a place for young people to learn about theatre, and from this HYT was born.

Orphan James is sent to live with his horribly awful Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker after his parents are killed in a terrible accident involving a rhino. One day, a curious little man appears, thrusting a faintly glowing bag at James and promising that his magic bag of “little green things” will free James from life with his terrible, cruel aunts. But when James drops the bag and the magic is sucked into the ground around an old peach tree, the most incredible thing happens… Aunt Spiker spots it first; a single peach growing high in their peach tree. Growing and growing until it’s as big and fat as Aunt Sponge!

All greedy Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker can think of is that the remarkable peach will make them rich. But James knows something else, something stranger than ever this time, is about to happen. With his new family of Old Green Grasshopper, Miss Spider, Ladybird, Earthworm, and Centipede in his enormous juicy dwelling, James embarks on a thrilling, surreal adventure.

This is a story of broad fantasy, with the vivid imagery of old-fashioned fairy tales and a good measure of their breathtaking delights.

Performances will be held at Stirling Community Theatre, 7 Avenue Road, Stirling on:

Friday, 24 June at 7.00pm
Saturday, 25 June at 5.00pm
Sunday 26 June at 2.00pm
Friday, 1 July at 7.00pm
Saturday, 2 July at 5.00pm
Sunday, 3 July at 2.00pm

Kids are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite storybook
character for a walk on stage!

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