Joan Leslie


Today, we sadly mark the passing of our treasured patron, Joan Leslie .
As our founding tutor, Hills Youth Theatre owes its heritage to Joan.

In her own words, “Young people usually have more enthusiasm for theatre than knowledge in its practice … They want the enjoyment of acting, and theatrical skills will give them confidence in their learned ability … with a purpose and a love of theatre for itself it can be most rewarding, and to see young people working as a group and being proud of their achievements is part of it.

Joan’s love for theatre, generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for sharing her experience with our students and community is a legacy that Hills Youth Theatre and its volunteers and tutors are proud to continue.JoanCollage

Catastrophic Fire Danger – Sat 6th Jan


The South Australian Country Fire Service has declared Saturday 6th Jan to have a fire rating of “Catastrophic

In accordance with our policy, rehearsal tomorrow has been cancelled.

The start of the rehearsal for Sunday 7th has therefore been moved up to 10am.
Please arrive in make up and get into costume as soon as possible ready for an early start.

Hills Youth Theatre wishes all of our families a safe day activating your Fire Action Plan and look forward to seeing all of you safely on Sunday morning.

Regards – Hills Youth Theatre Committee.