Don’t Stop Believin’


Hills Youth Theatre  Proudly Presents

Don't Stop Believin'

Directed by Judy Sampson
Tuesday 13th – Sunday 18th January 2015
Book by Craig Sodaro Music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur

It’s time to get your gleek on! The Ethel Lampert Community Centre has seen better days and may soon see its final days unless the youth, volunteers and staff find a way to save it.

Some smarmy city council members want to bulldoze the place to redevelop and commercialise the neighbourhood, and bring them gobs of sales tax revenue, but that’s not stopping the youth who frequent the community centre. From basketball players to computer nerds to artists, these inner-city kids have no place else to go, and losing the centre would mean losing their home away from home.

When they hear of a new television reality contest for glee clubs, they decide to form their own and try out. If they win top prize, they’ll earn enough money to keep the centre open. But working together doesn’t come naturally for these tough, independent kids, and they’re not sure they’ll be able to pull it off, especially with a city council that’s bribing the egotistical celebrity judges, an annoyed (and annoying) neighbour harping on them at every turn and a history of no one believing in them.

Bursting with large rock and pop chorus numbers and a powerful, anthem finale, this energetic, contemporary musical will bring out the gleek in everyone!

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